Requirement documents for Poland embassy

Requirement documents for Poland embassy

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Requirement documents for Poland embassy

In order to get in line at the Polish embassy you will need the following:

  • Original invitation.
  • Passport for traveling abroad.
  • Full address of residence.
  • Marriage  certificate.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Personal email.

Registration is via e-consular system, the process takes 7-10 days (registration itself), as the embassy sends a two-step questionnaire to each candidate.

At the Polish Embassy there is a queue of candidates by lottery system. That is, the turn of each candidate comes at different times. For some it takes 10 days, but in most cases the process takes an average of 1 to 5 months. Responses to the waiting list are published every week on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

E-consulate, a registration confirmation email will be sent to the email address of the candidate whose turn has come up.

To the candidate who did not take his/her turn until his/her turn comes up - Z przykroscią informujemy, że Twój wniosek nie zółt wylosowany w dniu **.**.****. Następne losowanie terminów vizit powiat się w dniu **.**.**** this letter comes. Therefore, a candidate who does not take his turn will automatically be replayed the next day of the draw.

Each coordinator is responsible for his or her project.

The coordinator himself or herself contacts the candidates whose turn has been confirmed and explains everything. 1 day in advance, the candidate comes to the main office in Tashkent, attaches his/her documents and prepares for the interview. After submitting the documents to the embassy, the answer will come in 14 working days.

  • Passport to travel abroad and national passport
  • Family composition certificates (all)
  • Biometric photo for the embassy with 80% of the face (matte - not glossy, white background)
  • Diploma
  • Embassy fee - 80 euros (only cash in euro currency unit is accepted)
  • * Insurance - 1 year
  • Original invitation letter and application form for the embassy.

* You are reminded that payment amounts may vary depending on the course or embassy requirements.

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