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Turon World Cooperation is a company that offers the sourcing, shortlisting, screening and selecting professionals, skilled workers, from below positions to senior professionals in many fields. We are an organization with skilled professionals in finding great talent. We have experienced industry professionals, knowledge, experience and a strong motivation to serve our customers. Since 2006, our team has been successfully placing the best candidates and talents of our country in organizations around the world, and all this is directly related to our position in the labor market, our skills and understanding of market trends.

Our mission si to be the most reliable and trustworthy global recruitment partner to both our clients and candidates. By developing resilient relations with various business entities and studying their corporate culture, we apply the executive search process that outlines a candidate's role in the organization. To fulfill our commitment, we integrate comprehensive recruitment service strategies which are embedded in our business principles. Our approach is to invest time and effort in enhancing the skillset of the workforce and use our existing databases as a source to find valuable candidates. By fulfilling a number of projects for various multinational companies, we have garnered appreciation from the industry. Through our advertising and selection process, administrative and support services, post-selection synchronization, reference checks and manpower outsourcing activities of selected candidates, we have placed some of the brightest professionals in a variety of positions for the firm's longevity.

Turon World Cooperation aspires to be the most trusted global recruitment partner. In order to improve performance and create progressive transformation in the management, companies need to hire knowledgeable and well-trained professionals. We endeavor to be the platform through which clients can acquire their suitable match and candidates can pursue their career with their ideal organization. To ensure the satisfaction of both parties, we work in close collaboration with diverse industries so that the staffing needs is consistently met With a qualified team of consultants, our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers who belong to the national and international arena. By providing exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, we believe that we have the ability to identifyt h e right applicant and place them in an establishment that will further enhance their skill. We desiretobe the best in the industry by helping the employer and employee achieve success through our recruitment.

Our commitment is providing a service with the highest-quality standards by implementing a Quality Manage- ment System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015.


We are a private employment agency registered with the Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan and have license №0076.


Our team
Our team consists of friendly and responsible people без названия (4)_823005vz.png
Abdullokh Iminov
General Director
Nodirbek Nabiev
Executive and Project Manager
Kadir Mamadjonov
Specialist on working with embassies
Sarvar Kosimov
Administration Manager без названия (9)_832528lf.png
Iroda Kamilova
HR Manager and Call Center Supervisor без названия (7)_707676co.png
Shakhboz Tagaybekov
SMM, Content and Data Manager названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (3)_892180en.png
Mokhlaroyim Shukurova
Instagram Expert and Mobileographer без названия (8)_832341rr.png
Umid Kholmuminov
Head Coordinator
Ahmadillo Shokirov
Head Coordinator for Korea без названия (4)_894217np.png
Turgunboev Jamshid
Coordinator for Korea названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (3)_015996nm.png
Zokirova Ezoza
Coordinator for Korea названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (4)_893271nc.png
Abdukodirov Shukhrat
Coordinator for Europe названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (6)_989024ka.png
Mamadazimova Nilufar
Coordinator for Poland без названия (8)_796551am.png
Shahlo Abdisalamova
Coordinator for England and Kazakhstan без названия (47)_413032vd.png
Nurakhmatova Nigina
Coordinator for Croatia названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (2)_891474lp.png
Abduganiev Salikh
Coordinator for Latvia and Lithuania названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (5)_022509lu.png
Umarova Ma'mura
Assistant Coordinator for Korea
Azimova Khadicha
Assistant Coordinator for Korea названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (2)_015759cb.png
Aziza Abdullayeva
Assistant Coordinator for Korea названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (4)_022316it.png
Saidakhmedova Ezoza
Assistant Coordinator for Korea без названия (10)_055357tj.png
Nazakatkhan Kadyrova
Assistant Coordinator for Europe названия (200 x 200 пикс.) (5)_893432dp.png
Navruzbayeva Kamola
Assistant Coordinator for Croatia
Nozima Kurbanova
Contract Specialist and Consultant
Dilfuza Abdurasulova
Sales Manager без названия (11)_821894xh.png
Rakhimberdiyeva Khilolakhan
Sales Manager без названия (5)_263214av.png
Jabborova Marjona
Sales Manager без названия (9)_970413sb.png
Fayzullayeva Marjona
Sales Manager без названия_838183yk.png
Okhunova Azima
Call center operator
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