Work and travel (ferienjob).

Work and travel (ferienjob).

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Work and travel (ferienjob).

The Ferienjob program in Germany is an opportunity for current university students to work and travel during the summer vacations.

Candidates, wishing to apply for the Ferienjob in Germany program, receive a job offer from employers in Germany and then apply online at the Visametric website, which is the only accredited visa center of the German Embassy in Uzbekistan that provides services for issuing visas to travel to Germany. Confirmation of the appointment will be sent to the attached email. The applicant will then gather all required documents and come to the Visametric office on the appointed day. The documents will be processed within 14 business days of submission.

The type of visa issued is a Schengen visa.

Required Documents:

  • Original letter of invitation and application form to the embassy.
  • 80% biometric face photo for the embassy (Schengen mats, white background).
  • Foreign passport and national passport
  • Transcript (semester grades)
  • Insurance
  • Student ID
  • *A bank statement of approximately $2000/3000 (transcript).
  • Information about studying on the platform
  • There will not be a conversation!
  • *Visa fee about 1,300,000 sum.

* Please note that the cost may vary depending on the course or embassy requirements.

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