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Job offer:


Primary Responsibilities:

Welding of structures and engine casings using the 135 method
Metal thickness 4 - 20 mm

Monthly wage:

1100 - 1300$ pay 20 zl/hour (net 5100-6000 zl)
Work 12 hours in 2 shifts, schedule 5-6 working days a week

Requirements to candidates:

Have at least 1 year work experience
Responsible attitude to your work
Fluent Russian language skills
Men aged 26-45 years old

Additional information:

Town of Dabrowa Gornica (17 km from Katowice).
Factory produces electric motors.
The employer provides a residence card and legal work in Poland.
Accommodation is free of charge.
Everything necessary for safe work and accommodation is arranged.
The invitation process takes up to 2 months, and after receiving the original invitation it takes 1 to 5 months to register in the queue at the embassy (you have to wait in the queue). Candidates whose waiting list is confirmed are asked to come to our head office in Tashkent 1 day in advance (collect documents and prepare for the interview at the embassy).

Required documents:

Foreign passport (passport) scanned in PDF format.
Blue passport scanned in PDF format along with the place of residence.

What can we do for you to start working in Poland in job Welder?

Turonworld.uz - Our mission is to be the most reliable partner for our clients and candidates. Developing stable relationships with various business entities and learning from their Corporate culture, we utilize an executive search process that defines the role of the candidate in the organization. In order to fulfill our commitment, we implement comprehensive recruitment service strategies that are embedded in our business principles.

  • Registration of all documents by our agency:
  • Visa
  • Airfare
  • Workplace tracking
  • Social protection
  • Organizes periodic and continuous monitoring

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