Welding metal in accordance with methods 131. 135. 136. 138. 141.

Welding metal in accordance with methods 131. 135. 136. 138. 141.


Place of work:

Work in Lithuania and business trips to Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden.


Welder - Shipbuilding, ship repair, construction of bridges, yachts, high-responsibility metal structures.


Welding metal in accordance with methods 131. 135. 136. 138. 141.

Types of welding:

131 - MIG (Metal Insert Gas) method - submerged arc welding using inert gases. The process of arc welding using consumable solid wire electrodes in an inert gas environment.

135 - Welding method (metal in active gas) - Fusion welding in an active gas environment. a process of consumable electrode arc welding in an environment of chemically active gases or gas mixtures. consumable electrode is solid or flux-cored wire (filler wire). Carbon dioxide or gas mixtures: argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide.

The MIG/MAG 135/136 method is a welding method that uses a reactive gas such as CO2 as a shielding gas. The consumable electrode is a solid or flux-coated wire, which also serves as a connector. MAG welding processes use carbon dioxide or gas mixtures as the shielding gas, including: argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.

138 - Welding method: metal flux cored wire welding. Does not require slag removal. Cored wire welding uses essentially the same technology, although metal cored wire is more convenient and easier to work with, produces a smoother weld and results in fewer welding defects.

141 - Method is a new welding technology that improves productivity and quality of welding operations. It is based on the use of inert gas to create a shielding environment around the weld. This method differs from other welding technologies in that the shielding gas does not react with the metal, resulting in a clean weld.


Males between the ages of 20 - 45 years old.
Must have work experience of 2 years.
Must have a document of qualification.
Knowledge of the Russian language is required.

The employer provides:

- Accommodation.
- Meals at the base in Lithuania.
- Overalls and personal protective equipment.
- Annual accumulative vacation.
- Provision of travel or provision of a car on business trips.


Salary from 6 euros/hour, and after arrival in Lithuania everyone is tested, based on the testing and demonstration of their skills the rate is set.

What can we do for you to start working in Lithuania in job Welding metal in accordance with methods 131. 135. 136. 138. 141.?

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