Croatia and Germany (Business trip)

Croatia and Germany (Business trip)


Croatia - Germany (Business trip)


Construction site
- Bricklayer
- Plastering
- Plasterboard works
- and other types of work

Monthly salary:

- €6-7 per hour in Croatia (depending on work and experience)
- €12 euros per hour in Germany.

Relevant Terms:

Men are welcome.
Candidates between 21 to 38 years and with work experience.
Fluent Russian.

Additional Information:

The candidate will start work in Croatia, during this process he will be issued an ID card for about 1.5-2 months, after which he will go to work in Germany on a business trip (with a work permit).
Accommodation in both countries is free, but food expenses are covered by the candidate.
Fixed monthly salary is not taxable.

Required documents:

National passport (biopassport),
Foreign passport,
3x4 photo,
Criminal record (in Russian + apostille),
3-5 photos of the construction process (portfolio).

What can we do for you to start working in Germany in job Croatia and Germany (Business trip)? - Our mission is to be the most reliable partner for our clients and candidates. Developing stable relationships with various business entities and learning from their Corporate culture, we utilize an executive search process that defines the role of the candidate in the organization. In order to fulfill our commitment, we implement comprehensive recruitment service strategies that are embedded in our business principles.

  • Registration of all documents by our agency:
  • Visa
  • Airfare
  • Workplace tracking
  • Social protection
  • Organizes periodic and continuous monitoring

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