3-year internship visa

3-year internship visa

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In the hospitality sector.
In food processing plants - packaging
In manufacturing plants
Fruit packing
Common laborer in factories


Men ages 18 to 30 (up to 35 for construction).
Knowledge of language is not required.
*Preference is given to candidates with N3-N2 Japanese language skills.

Location of work:

Around Tokyo, around Osaka Prefecture, around Fukaoka Prefecture.

Monthly salary:

Work from 8 hours 5-6 days a week - $1500, extra hours paid for work.
Lunch and lodging during working hours is up to each employer.

Additional Information:

Candidates prepare for interview for 1 month. There will be 50 tutorials completed before leaving for Japan. Detailed information about the companies in the field you want to work in will be provided.
Candidates who do not pass the interview will be re-interviewed for successful enrollment (there are 2-3 interviews each month).
Successful candidates will go to Japan in 5-6 months. When the visa document is issued, the immigration office checks for 4 months + (it takes 1 month to wait in line at the Uzbek embassy and get the visa).
Visa is issued every year on March 1, so 3 visas are issued in 3 years.
In the first visit, 1 month will be spent in school (Japanese language, culture, laws).
In the 1st year he is given an assistant. If he works at the same place for 3 years, the company will change it to a 5 year visa. After 3 years, his monthly salary will double and he can change jobs. If you know Japanese at N3-N2 level, you will find a job in your specialty. (Type of visa - work visa)

Required documents:

Zagran passport scanner
scanner of national passport
scanner of birth certificate
Photo 3x4 and 10x15 on white background,
scanner of diploma or certificate

What can we do for you to start working in Japan in job 3-year internship visa?

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  • Registration of all documents by our agency:
  • Visa
  • Airfare
  • Workplace tracking
  • Social protection
  • Organizes periodic and continuous monitoring

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