In-demand professions in the UAE

In-demand professions in the UAE

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In-demand professions in the UAE

The UAE, also known as the United Arab Emirates, is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The diverse economic and industrial sectors make the UAE an attractive place to work for many professionals.

At the moment, the UAE has created many excellent opportunities for foreign nationals. Due to the current situation in the world, many employers from CIS countries have moved to the UAE and started to develop their business there. The minimum salary at the moment is 1700-2000 dollars a month. In addition, many of your expenses are covered by the employer. For example, food, accommodation, and sometimes even insurance. 

Here are a few in-demand specialties in the UAE:

Hospitality and Tourism
The UAE is a popular tourist destination with many luxury hotels and resorts. Because of this, hospitality, tourism management, marketing and customer service professionals find many promising job opportunities. Namely for such jobs as:

- Administrator
- Hostess
- Supervisor 
- Chef 
- Waiter 
- Human Resources 
- Barista 

Information Technology
The UAE is actively developing its digital infrastructure, so the demand for IT professionals such as programmers, systems analysts, information security specialists and website developers is high.

Energy and renewable energy
The UAE is known for its proactive approach to renewable energy development. The energy industry requires professionals in engineering, research and development and project management to develop and realize new sources of energy.

Logistics and Supply
The UAE is the logistics center of the region and a hub for international trade. Specialists in logistics, international trade, supply chain management and procurement are in demand in the labor market.

Service sector
With the development of business and tourism in the UAE, there is an increasing demand for professionals in the service sector such as marketing, PR, sales and customer service professionals.

During the interview, employers look at your knowledge most of all. Namely, they look at what languages you speak, for them it is very important to know English and Russian. In addition, they look at the character of the person, if a person looks virtuous high probability that he will be accepted. Also if you have experience in this or that sphere it will be only a plus for you. But, in case you do not have experience, you can gain it at a new workplace and further move up the career ladder only forward.

Each of these specialties provides unique opportunities for career development of Uzbek citizens in the UAE. However, before deciding to work abroad, it is important to thoroughly research the requirements and conditions of each industry, as well as your own interests and goals.

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