Seoul: South Korea's modern capital

Seoul: South Korea's modern capital

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Seoul: South Korea's modern capital

It's no secret that the capital of Korea is Seoul. It is an incredibly beautiful modern city, which is famous for its innovations in the technical direction and is considered one of the centers of production of trendy cosmetics. Today the city is considered the economic, historical and cultural center of Korea. There are opportunities for foreign nationals to take up in-demand professions that pay well, such as using a resource.

Historical background:

About 6 thousand years ago there was a small settlement on the place of the modern capital which began to grow rapidly and turned into Seoul only by the middle of the 17th century thanks to the Lee dynasty. From 1910 35 years the city was a part of the Japanese colony, and only in 1948 it received the status of the main Korean city.

Despite the war in the second half of the 20th century, the city participated in the Olympics.

Today, Seoul is considered a metropolis which has preserved the traditions and cultural heritage of Korea.

Attractions and Tourism Development

The modern capital offers tourists a huge number of interesting places that can be easily visited. These are modern and innovative buildings, cultural and historical monuments, natural monuments, and tourist spots.

Tourists are offered a huge range of services, as well as the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Seoul through the provision of professional services in one direction or another.

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